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2018 Schedule
Ilopango Airshow
January 26-27
  iLopango, El Salvador  
Guatemala Aero Club Air Show
February 03
  Iztapa, Guatemala  
Charleston Air and Space Expo - With Thunderbirds
April 28
Charleston ANG Base (KCHS)
  Charleston, SC  
Valdez Fly-In and Airshow
May 12-13
  Valdez, Alaska  
Greenwood Lake Air Show and Car Show
June 08-10
  Greenwood Lake, NJ  
Atlanta Athletic Club Airshow (private event)
July 04
Atlanta Athletic Club
  Atlanta GA  
Pictou Lobster Carnival
July 06-07
  Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada  
Pensacola Beach Air show 2017 (With Blue Angels)
July 13-14
  Pensacola Beach, FL  
Atlantic Canada International Air Show
August 25-26
  Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada  
Red Tails Over Montgomery Air Show
September 08
Montgomery Regional Airport (KMGM)
  Montgomery, Alabama  
Mazatlan Airshow
September 15-16
Mazatlan, Mexico
Merida Airshow
September 27
Merida, Mexico
NAS Pensacola Blue Angels Homecoming Airshow
November 02-03
NAS Pensacola, Florida
  Pensacola, Florida  
South Alabama Regional Airport Airshow
November 17
South Alabama Regional Airport
  Andalusia, AL  
See you at the ICAS Convention
Paris Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada
Nov. 4-6, 2018
Check back soon for additional listings
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Welcome to Gary Ward Airshows.
Gary began his airshow career in 1998 in a Pitts S2-B. In 1999, he moved to the Giles 202 and in 2006, he became the first pilot to begin flying airshows in the awesome new MX2! The MX2 is the absolute latest in unlimited aerobatic aircraft. It is strong, fast, and very agile! The entire airframe is constructed of aerospace quality carbon fiber to provide maximum strength and stiffness with minimum weight. The MX2 is powered by a Lycoming engine modified by LYCON to produce more than 350 HP! Please check out our website for more information about one of the most exciting and entertaining performances you will ever see in any aircraft.

The Performance
Gary puts the MX2 through one of the most exciting performances you will ever see. The action starts on take off as Gary pulls steeply up and goes into a spectacular take off maneuver! The entire sequence is jam packed with breathtaking gyrations that range from zero speed hovers to dives in excess of 250 mph! The MX2 is so powerful that at the end of an inverted flat spin, rotation is stopped and the MX2 will fly out, inverted, without the nose ever dropping below the horizon! Gary makes full use of the power and agility of the MX2 to perform many maneuvers that an "airplane just isn't supposed to do!"

Latest Videos

Gary Ward and Fred Cabanas

2016 Greenwood Lake Airshow - Gary Ward